“Hi, my name is Marie Williams, and I’m a client of Kubanyi’s law firm. She let me know that she was there for me if I chose to go forward with her, that she would make sure that I got the help, the physical therapy and things, extra physical therapy that I needed to get through this season of my life. Um, and I can say truly, she did come through with that. Mrs. Liz, Kisha, all those-Miss Alona, James Sinclair, all of the staff, just so amazing. Up front, they let me know what I could expect…really, really happy with the service, you know, it was a different time, COVID has been a different time, so my incident happened in that time, so I knew that It would take a little more time than the average but, very satisfied with the help that they have provided. And just overall, that I’m now finished, my course with this, this incident, and um, very pleased with the service, and I would chose Sherry Kubanyi again. So thank them, thank them for everything that they have done, it has been a joy.” Marie W. (KLF Client)

“Hello, my name is Lesley Morrison, I have been working with Sherry Kubanyi for the past two years. She has helped me with a car accident that I was in where I was rear-ended two years ago. She’s been very thorough, very diligent, she’s-she’s great overall, basically! She did help me get compensated from my accident, and she’s also helped me with other affairs that I had going on, and I would say that she’s just a great attorney, she’s become a friend, she’s very sweet, very caring, confident in what she does, she’s very empowering and encouraging as well. So I would just advise if anyone wants to work with Ms. Sherry Kubanyi and her firm, you are in the right hands-yes, that’s what I can say, you are in the right hands when you are working with her. Thank you, Sherry Kubanyi!” Lesley M. (KLF Client)

“Hi, I’m Johnathan Arnold. About a year and a half ago, I was hit at a red light by a drunk driver, who came and hit me and knocked me off the road and into a plaza. And luckily, I had The Kubanyi Law Firm to come and handle the situation and they handled everything swiftly.” Jonathan A. (KLF Client)

“Hi guys! So I wanted to tell you about my experience with Kubanyi’s law firm. About a couple years ago, I was in a car accident where I was injured, um, I was rear-ended from behind into another vehicle. A very traumatic experience in my life, however, Kubanyi have been a great, um, help through the entire process. They’re 100% making sure that I was well, and that I got all the care I needed, and there was just great communication throughout the entire process. So, for me I would say Kubanyi was an amazing choice for my injuries.” Rebecca G. (KLF Client)

“Hey, my name is Anthony, I just like to talk about my experience here with the Kubanyi Firm. So, about a year ago almost, I was riding down on my motorcycle making a right turn, when out of nowhere a car hit me out into a ditch, and you know thankfully, I had the Kubanyi Law Firm here to help me out. They did exactly what I expected them to do, and you know, worked as hard as they could, and I would like to thank them so much for that.” Anthony A. (KLF Client)

“Hi, my name is uh, Hiten Patel, just wanted to provide a testimonial for The Kubanyi Firm. So back in 2019, I was in an accident on I-20, um, my vehicle was uh, came to an emergency stop, and I didn’t hit the car in front, but a truck behind me didn’t stop and basically rolled into the back of me at 60 miles an hour. It was significant damage to my car, crushing the car in half. Pretty much a miracle that I for of there and walked out alive, however, I did sustain injury. I went to the hospital, and the car did not live to see another day. And so, when I got back home, I was told to work with an attorney, and so I did that. My initial experience with this other firm was quite, quite limited. The interest in my case was um, not very fruitful. To say the least, some of the time was wasted, a number of weeks were wasted. Obviously, me not being used to the processes and understanding what their next steps were, I kind of stuck around waiting for this attorney to get back at me. I then was referred to Sherry and the law firm, the Kubanyi Law Firm, and immediately Sherry was just on the case, immediately, and uh she explained every single step in the way. All in all, this has taken over a year, however, fantastic relationship; she’s been extremely helpful. I’ve been a major pain in wanting to know every detail, but she’s explained everything, she’s been always very helpful, and we’ve got to a settlement that I am very happy with. I would recommend Sherry and her team, and I uh, I just appreciate what she’s done and the level of attention to detail, and overall, just a fantastic experience. So strongly recommended.” Hiten P. (KLF Client)

“Hi, my name is Alexis, and I just wanted to let you all know that the Kubanyi Law Firm has helped me so much throughout my case. Throughout the past 2 years, I’ve been going through a lot with the struggle with my back hurting from my accident that happened 2 years ago. I was t-boned by a driver who wasn’t paying attention through a red light, and I had never been in an accident before. I was in the passenger seat, and thank God I’m still here to be able to give my testimony. And I am very grateful for them for helping me the whole entire way. And I just want to say thank you to the Kubanyi Law Firm for never letting me feel alone. You always answered my phone calls no matter if they seemed like they were coming in too much or anything like that. You guys never discouraged me to ask questions, and to make sure I understood the whole process. So, thank you so much to the Kubanyi Law Firm for helping me this entire way. And I’m glad that everything has been settled, and we can move forward, thank you so much!” Alexis S. (KLF Client)

Sherry: “Alright, hey Raja!”

Raja: “Hi!”

Sherry: “How you feeling right now?”

Raja: “Absolutely ecstatic! I’m happy with, about everything that you guys have done to get us to where we need to be.”

Sherry: “And we love hearing that! We appreciate you, thanks, Raja.”

Raja: *Thumbs up*

Raja R. (KLF Client)

“Hi, my name is Haley Peterson. I was in a car crash in July 2018. I was referred to the Kubanyi Law Firm by a friend. Throughout the entire process, they have been extremely responsive, I could reach out to them via text, email, or phone at any point in time throughout the day or night. Ms. Sherry definitely fought for me, she’s been amazing this entire process, and I honestly just can’t recommend them enough!” Haley P. (KLF Client)

Sherry: “Okay, hi Nichola, how are you doing?”

Nichola: “Hello, I am wonderful, thank you.”

Sherry: “Good, great, so we just finished your mediation. How do you feel?”

Nichola: “I feel really good! I feel like, a conquered lion, I feel good! I feel really good, and it just hit me, it really just hit me, and you know what, we did that, Sherry did that, because you just kind of held my hands through it, and I felt that, and I appreciate that, so I feel pretty awesome about how the whole thing went, um…just thinking about when someone starts something and they kind of put it in your lap, and you have a certain way that you kind of, how you work, you know, and someone puts something in your lap, and you kind of just owned it, you know-I really appreciate that, I really appreciate the hard work, um, the dedication, with your staff, you know, always keeping in touch with me, keeping me up to date with things, and working with me, but gathering, you know, information that we needed to really make this a success, and I’m grateful, so I feel awesome.”

Sherry: “Aw, well good, you know, we always say, that there is a difference between a satisfied customer, or client, and a happy one. And your smile, your smile…your smile is all we care about, and uh, we are happy for you. Enjoy your day!”

Nichola: “Thank you, thank you!”

Nichola N. (KLF Client)

“Hey, my name is Pamela Davis. I used the Kubanyi Law Firm for a case that I had back about a year and a half ago. They were very professional, I loved dealing with them. They were very informative, helped me every step of the way, was very helpful in explaining a lot of stuff to me that I didn’t know and had questions about. I would recommend them to any of my friends and family and to anybody that might need an attorney for anything. Um, see ya!” Pamela D. (KLF Client) 

“My name is LeDrew McKee, I was in an accident where an uninsured motorist ran a stop sign and crashed directly into the driver side of my vehicle. I was driving with my daughter at the time-although she wasn’t injured, I was. And I had the Kubanyi Law Firm represent me, and they were efficient, and they kept me up to date on everything that was going on and fought in my favor for as long as they could. Unfortunately, with COVID, the situation took slightly longer than I and they would have liked for it to take, but ultimately, I am extremely appreciative and thankful in the way that they represented me. I know that the law firm had my best interest at heart the entire time, even when I was uh, slightly hard to work with myself, but I do appreciate the job that they’ve done, and for future situations, I would tell my friends and family to use this law firm to represent them.” LeDrew M. (KLF Client)

“How you guys doing? My name is Bakari Smith, and today I will be here talking about my relationship with the Kubanyi Law Firm. Around February-March last year, I was involved in a pretty, pretty bad accident I would say, where the other person was completely in the wrong. And you know, when the accident happened, I have a close friend of mine who referred the Kubanyi Law Firm to me because they helped him with his case, and he said that they did a wonderful job. So, I reached out to him, and you know, he connected me with the Kubanyi Law Firm and immediately once me and the Kubanyi Law Firm had a conversation, I knew that they would be the perfect group to represent me and to take care of this problem. So, you know, throughout the whole time they’ve been very consistent, you know, I know they have my back and my best interest; I trust them 100%. And so, you know, I would have to say I would recommend them to anybody, you know, if you ever in an accident or anything I would recommend the Kubanyi Law Firm to you. So I would like to thank everybody here at the law firm who helped me, you know, take care of me, and made sure I knew that I was their priority, and they handled everything pretty quickly. So, you know 10/10! They did a perfect job, thank y’all!” Bakari S. (KLF Client)

“Hello, um my name is Rita Roeback, and I am here to speak about my relationship with the Kubanyi Law Firm. In 2018, I was in a head-on car accident, and um, the Kubanyi Firm took over my case. Um, I wasn’t sure, um, which way to go with things or how to go about things and she guided me. My first encounter was with James, uh and then after that, I spoke with another gentleman-I can’t think of his name right now-and then after that, I spoke with Elizabeth; with each person that I had spoken with in her firm, gave me confidence that I was with the right place, and that I was with the right people. She reassured me that things will be fine. She never guaranteed me anything, she never saw or sold me any false hopes. But she took me by the hand, and she led me step-by-step. Her team was very thorough, they were very thorough! And I felt confident on having my case with them. And I would say that a lot of times when you’re in situations like this, that’s traumatic, and very traumatizing, you’re very emotional, and you’re scared, but dealing with this firm and her team, it left me at peace knowing that I was on the right road, and that things do work out for the good. And I just want to say I’m very pleased to work with them, I would say hey, if you’re looking for a law firm, just give them a try! They are not paying me for this, they are not paying me, this is, came from my heart. I’m telling, each person I dealt with was always professional. We worked hand and hand, it just wasn’t all of them, it was me doing my part as well. So, if they needed some documentation, I had to be able to, hey, submit what I needed, and we just conversed back and forth as needed. And they always gave me an update, and if I had any questions, they always returned my calls or sent me a email addressing any issues that I had. So, I am very pleased with that.  Not so much with the monetary because that comes and goes, but with the fact that they handled me as I matter, and that’s what matters to me. And so, with that being said, I’m here today just to tell you guys, hey, if you need a law firm to handle your case, give The Kubanyi Law Firm a chance! Good day, and you all be well!” Rita R. (KLF Client)

I am thrilled with my experience with this law firm. Ms Kubanyi works hard. She took my case when no one else would take it. It took over two years to get my case done but she never gave up. I refer her to all of my friends and family. She will always be my attorney. You can’t go wrong by choosing her to represent you! She will fight!

Posted By Tracy Miller

I’ve been meaning to write a review of this firm for a while now. Ms. Kubanyi has represented me twice. My first car wreck was more serious than my second one. I was compensated more for my first wreck than my second one. The Kubanyi Firm did the best work for me. I always recommend her and will continue to do that all day every day. She will fight to get you what your claim is worth.

Posted by Chris Latrell

Top Notch Experience. Hated I was in a car wreck but happy Sherry Kubanyi was my attorney. Thank you Atty Kubanyi

Posted by Cynthia Sanders

Amazing !!

It was amazing to watch Sherry Kubanyi in action. She took charge of my case and negotiated on my behalf to secure the best terms possible. I felt safe knowing that I had an attorney who genuinely cared about my situation and was willing to fight for my rights until I was completely satisfied. Words cannot express the appreciation I have for Sherry Kubanyi. Thank you!!!

Posted By Katherine

This woman is an amazing attorney.

Sherry Kubanyi does not know how to lose. She puts a thousand percent of her skills and energy in every case. You do not want to face her on the other side of the courtroom.

Posted by Bill

The Thorough Professional

My experience working with Miss Kubanyi was one of complete professionalism. Accuracy, speed, and efficiency made for a stress free experience with my case. Without question the best Attorney I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

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    I contacted the Kubanyi Law Firm for help recovering a damage claim from a moving company. And although the firm does not handle cases like mine, they thought they could connect me find a firm that could and went out of their way to do so—s...
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  • 5.0/5.0

    I’ve had the best experience working with The Kubanyi Law Firm team. They took my case a couple of years ago after another attorney couldn’t help. I was rear ended and this caused injury to my neck and back area. I was also a personal train...
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  • 5.0/5.0

    The Kubanyi Law Firm is very passionate and supportive of their clients. They kept consistent communication and I felt I had minimal worries regarding my case. I am completely satisfied and will definitely recommend them to anyone and every...
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  • 5.0/5.0

    Sherry and the Kubanyi office have been absolutely amazing. From the constant communication to the kindness and hospitality, they took the edge off of an extremely stressful situation. She was always real and never sold me something that sh...
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    — Client

  • 5.0/5.0

    This woman and her firm are the real deal. I fell for the tv ad and hired a lawyer that I never talked to. I fired that lawyer and never got a call asking why. One of my friends told me about attorney Sherry and from day 1 I knew I made a g...
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