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  • Do's and Don'ts: Steps to take after an automobile crash

Do's and Don'ts: Steps to take after an automobile crash


Being in a car collision can be an overwhelming and traumatizing experience. Many people are unsure of proper steps to take after an auto crash. We are here to help guide you on the do's and the don'ts!


DO Call Emergency Assistance


Contact law enforcement to come to the crash scene and make a police report. To obtain that police report swiftly, remember to take the name and badge number of the reporting officer. 

DO Take photographs


This is the perfect time to go camera crazy! Photographs often provide evidence that can be helpful to your claim. Photographs work as a display of how the accident happened, what the damages were, and can be used to determine fault. Take photographs of the scene at different angles and photos of your injuries. 

DO Exchange information


Obtain any information you can about other parties involved and any witnesses. The party who is at fault will often deny that they were the cause of the accident. Thus, obtaining information such as names, numbers, and emails of witnesses can assist in supporting your claim. 

DO Seek medical treatment


No matter how minor the accident, seek medical treatment immediately. Many individuals decided not to seek medical treatment because their injuries do not seem serious; however, seeing a doctor immediately after an accident can discover injuries that are not apparent on the outset. Additionally, seeking medical treatment can protect your future claim(s). 


DON’T Put yourself at risk


After the collision, don’t stand in the flow of traffic.  Be sure to wait in a safe area, away from hazards. 

DON’T Discuss who was at fault


Don't engage in conversation about the cause of the collision with anyone at the scene. Even when law enforcement is present, avoid accepting blame.  Your actions may not have caused the collision.  


There are additional do’s and don’ts not listed here.   It is essential to speak with an attorney as soon as possible.   Personal injury claims resulting from car collisions can be burdensome and complicated. Contact the Kubanyi Law Firm to assist you through the process and handle your claim. 

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